Fabienne Audéoud

The Thinkers
02.02. - 20.03.2024

The Thinkers

    We all know the sculptures of those tall geniuses, looking down on us from the architecture of cultural institutions and historic buildings. Audéoud modeled her own. out of self drying clay, oil paint and resin. they know all, they know nothing but most importantly they are constantly involved in big discussions with each other creating a concert of voices of know-it-alls and backseat drivers.

    At least they don't seem to be authoritarians standing on shelves not on prestigious architecture, no idealism is involved in their conversations. they are just some brainiacs talking in circles, claiming whilst being unsure.

    they are also inquisitive and dubious but just in the realm of how far they can go in their charlatanism. but hey, at least they are cute, not big, their feet standing on emptied and upside -down ice cream container plinths instead of museums, just mock-ups of the real danger - the modernist bronze.  

    The sculptures are on the same level as the Audóuds book installation. the several series of catalogues were discarded from Secession in Vienna and their covers were replaced. the titles are epistemological aphorisms. titles of books that one would like to read. since nobody will ever write these books or better - they are impossible to write - one is stuck with the conversation about possibility. no beginning - no end - no explanation. no author - no editor - no cynicism.

    Looming over the noise Audéoud „brown painting“ donkeys appear, dark, kind and soft - eyed.
They frame the „Thinkers“ and „Book“ series and one ultimately finds oneself also looked at by them and the uncanny feeling, that one is followed around by these imminent gods, prevails. They are not denouncing you since they are not political. you are not judged but what would you have to worry about? to be more clownish than the little Thinkers and their male mastery? not you! you are looking, you are not talking. you are not stubborn or stupid. you are becoming animal, becoming background, becoming cloud. you have nothing to worry about.

  „The Thinkers“ is Fabienne Audéouds first solo exhibition in Vienna.

  We want to thank

  Secession for their generosity (thank you Albert) and the Drac idf 2017 grant that facilitated the production of the sculptures

 Lila Torqueo, that facilitated us meeting and therefore launched this project

  Nik Geene for the constant help and conversation

  Helene Baur for her quick advice